Notice: We wanted to thank you all for being a part of Rasoi Family from the last 24 years and making our business grow with your support. We have officially closed our restaurant since December 31, 2017 and unfortunately we have not decided on a new location. If you would like more information please follow us on our Facebook Page:
Rasoi Rasoi

Again thank you for being a part of our business.
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Welcome to Rasoi Gourmet Indian Kitchen
Rasoi - The Kitchen - is where the Chef's art and spices congregate to ensure your health and palette are immensely gratified. Our Rasoi opened in 1995 is a personalized kitchen to meet customer's needs and it has been second home for many customers. In the last two decades the tables have turned to our advantage, the young parents who got their kids to our restaurant the same kids are bringing their parents to the restaurant now, which speaks volumes about our restaurant and our loyal customers.

Its known to be one of the best restaurants in the Metro west area with full bar and exclusive northern Indian cuisine that's served right in the restaurant and catered. Ours is the only restaurant with the charcoal oven and Chef will be thrilled to show you and talk to you about it which is one of the coolest experiences. Besides doing our best in the culinary industry, we have also extended our arms to the social causes, and we take pride in reaching out to Tsunami victims by offering $25,000 as we strongly believe in the very famous quote "You don't need a reason to help people".

           Rasoi offers humble and warmest welcome to you all.

Functional Room For Parties
Professional Catering For ALL Occasions
Full Liquor Bar with ample of Parking Space available at your convenience.

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